Break the Norm - Future of Plus-Size Fashion

A lot of fashionistas and fashion big-wigs have hailed Minimalism as the "Epitome of Luxury Fashion". Plus-Sized and Minimalist fashion get on like a house on fire but haven't you ever wondered what is it about monochromes and basic minimums that are so exciting and acceptable for people who don't fit in the hourglass or ideal body-type categories?

Being plus-sized means that a large part of our fashion experience involves being instructed and advised on how to dress. We consider clothing more as a form of fashion camouflage to hide what we perceive as our imperfections. Being told our whole life how to not dress makes minimalist style perfect for us because there's no way to do it wrong and minimalism means being subtle and sublime, which makes it safe and lets us blend and go unnoticed.

"Style has nothing to do with Size"

For plus-sized women and girls, it's often a fight between what we want to wear and what our options are, and more often than not they are not the same. But here's a kicker, 2022 has been a year of revelations and discoveries that have finally made it possible for me to buy a bright yellow "Garden Party Dress'' or the eye-catching blue floral "Dolled Up Dress" in my closet, all thanks to Xoxo Cherry, that doesn't let me disappear makes me striking and noticeable. 

Xoxo Cherry is a safe haven for fashion for all, their taglines "Made With Love, Made For All" and "Fashion Beyond Size" is exactly what we need and deserve, and they deliver what they promise. They ignore the fashion "dos & don'ts" imposed on plus-size consumers, which primarily served to degrade and shame our bodies, and have heralded a new era of body-positive fashion by expanding their size range and embracing colors, patterns, and prints with abandon. 

"More is More and Less is a Bore"

Ditch the minimal and welcome the change by embracing your inner goddess that yearns to break the shackles of boring beiges and plain monochromes. I was cautiously hopeful but also prepared for disappointment when I ordered a "Green Printed Dress" that would somewhat blend in with my wardrobe collection and help me experiment safely without going all-out and surprise surprise, the dress turned out exactly as shown, the make and the fit were superbly well-done and I was hooked.

For the first time ever I didn't have to look at sizes available before choosing what I want, all I had to do was add what my heart desired from their impeccable collection. 

"Fashion is an Idea, a Story through Creation"

The creator of Xoxo Cherry, Rhythm Agarwal strives to provide clothing that you love, with flattering silhouettes and fashionable designs that let you stand out without breaking the bank. Your go-to place for all things plus-size fashion is Xoxo Cherry, where your figure and size are never viewed as an afterthought or a mere token.

Maximalism gives us the chance to break free from creative constraints and explore our sense of style with reckless abandon and we should accept it with open arms, Xoxo shows us how. Tell your style story with freedom and celebrate being "You". 

Xoxo uses fashion as a medium for storytelling and takes us on a voyage of escapism, similar to how writers may tell a tale using words. They use the colors, texture, patterns, and silhouettes to express their tales of being free, of kicking the stereotypes and proudly proclaiming "I am here to stay". 

"Fashion is all about Happiness & Fun"

We know It is not always easy to reject all the fashion advice and styling tips we've been fed for our curvy and plus-sized bodies through the years so let's take a vow to start small, experiment, and branch out till you and I can be unapologetically us.

Xoxo Cherry's collection of topwear is a great place to start with the "Bow on the Top" and "On Grid Sky Blue Top" perfect for casual and office wear and would look great paired with your favourite jeans for comfort & style.

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