Bid Farewell To These 5 Hefty Size Rules

"Loving Yourself is the Greatest Revolution"

We all have fallen into the antiquated toxic mentality of clothing being something used to hide our bodies and our perceived flaws. The idea that clothing should be used as camouflage, using fabric to cover our imperfections up is something that has persisted in most plus-sized or curvy woman's minds for one reason or the other, the outdated belief that your body is a problem that needs to be rectified is the only imperfection that needs to be corrected. 

We're here to tell you you can wear anything you want if it makes you feel good and confident in your own skin. Forget what a few fashion elite that believes they can hand out fashion edicts dictating who can and cannot wear what. 

Read on to break the restriction, and the beliefs, overcome the plus-size taboo, and join the revolution!

Avoid White Clothes

You can look stunning in anything, including white. Once you get over your fear of dirtying or spoiling the dress, a printed white top paired with black trousers or jeans for a monochromatic effect makes a big fashion statement or colorful accessories, it's your choice and you'll definitely rock it. You can style something like the "Farmer Girl White Top" by Xoxo Cherry with loud or chic statement pieces for fun or go minimalist for work. 

Steer Clear of Bright Colors

One positive aspect of plus size fashion is the abundance of options for clothing in black or other dark colors but looking for a moderately bright or colorful outfit can be a struggle, but why? The only possible explanation is the notion that all women apparently adore wearing black to appear thinner. But I'm here to tell you to embrace colors, we'd rather look vibrant in color than slimmer in black. Go for the "Garden Party Dress" by Xoxo Cherry in vibrant yellow that reminds us of sunshine and the beach.

Ditch Figure-hugging Dresses

According to some fashion guidelines, plus-size women should try to hide and minimize the appearance of their belly rolls and form-fitting clothing does neither of these things and we're advised to avoid it but why should we feel bad about our appearance? It's the time to rebel and transform your image by wearing a dress that hugs your curves and is out of your comfort zone, if you're not ready for a body con, try something like the "White and Yellow Stripe Dress" from Xoxo Cherry that accentuates your curves flatteringly and adds that dash of color to your everyday outfit.

Avoid Bold Prints & Patterns

Move over minimalism and embrace maximalism with loud prints and bold patterns to grab attention and others' eyes. Add all the colors and loud statement patterns, have some fun with it, and disregard the notion that those big statement pieces would broaden your hips or that clashing print dress will highlight your "flaws". Try Dolled Up Dress found on Xoxo Cherry's website that screams bold and flirty with a loud floral print on a sky-blue backdrop that gives you an eye-catching appeal without disrupting your style.

Wear Loose-fitting Clothes

You might be tempted but no, you don't need loose or baggy clothes to hide what you might call your problem areas. Loose clothes will just distort your proportions and will give you an unflattering silhouette. Finding the proper cut that feels comfortable and lets you move is the priority, you need to try a cross-back dress with pockets from Xoxo Cherry which is neither loose nor figure-hugging and perfectly sums up everyday chic. 

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