Your Guide to Creating a Plus-Size Wardrobe

“Love Thy Self, Love Thy Body”

When we were younger, it was rather normal for us to log onto social media or watch TV and just see skinny socially acceptable bodies staring back at us. The narrative has changed over the past few years, and the body-positivity movement has since crept into society's consciousness, sparking a mini-revolution in body image and self-acceptance.

There are more opportunities for people who exist in their bodies to thrive as we begin to see women who we relate with shown on TV in a good manner rather than merely as stereotypes. Since then, there has been a surge in the number of plus-size labels, as well as a mix of high-end and mainstream designer brands expanding their sizes to fit a broader size spectrum. 

Now we can safely say we can have options we choose from, building a fashionable plus-size wardrobe is not a difficulty or a challenge. All you need are a few must-have basics on how to combine your wardrobe's pieces in ways that are both seasonally appropriate and body-flattering.

Long Black Skirt

It is cliche but black does look good on us and it helps camouflage our bodies. And yes, plus-size women look great in longer skirts like maxi and knee-length skirts. They are easy to wear, enhance your silhouette, and give you a flowy, fashionable style.

Our Pick - Black Gathered Long Skirt (Xoxo Cherry)

Basic White Top

A basic white top with minimal prints or patterns makes for a noteworthy addition to your closet for its versatility and usefulness. You can pair it with your denim or skirts and call it a day, be pretty without too much effort. 

Our Pick - Farmer Girl White Top (Xoxo Cherry)

Halter Tops

You might be surprised to hear that plus-size women look terrific in halter necklines. Halter necklines balance the look by drawing attention upward while emphasizing the shoulders. This silhouette may make a range of body types seem good while also giving the appearance of a smaller neckline. They are worth investing in for your daily or office wear needs. 

Our Pick - Royal Blue Ruffle Detail Halter Top(Xoxo Cherry)

A-line Skirt 

An A-line skirt helps to hide a large behind and provides all-day comfort without sacrificing style even the slightest amount. You can be prepared in minutes for a romantic date by wearing your a-line skirt with a sophisticated georgette shirt. go casual with a white t-shirt and denim jacket.

Our Pick - Wilderness Printed Skirt (Xoxo Cherry)

Black Shirt

Wearing black clothes makes you appear more attractive, intelligent, and confident, according to a recent study. A basic black shirt is a must-have amongst your wardrobe basics as it is such a complimentary and practical piece of clothing that can be paired with almost anything. 

Our Pick - Black Shirt Floral (Xoxo Cherry)

Black Dress

Always keep a black party dress in your closet since it never goes out of style and can instantly turn you into a diva for a night out at the clubs or other occasions. Watch out for outfits that draw attention to your best qualities while hiding any flaws.

Our Pick - Black Bondage Black Dress (Xoxo Cherry)

Shirt Dress

A shirt Dress is an ideal choice for women of all shapes & sizes, you just need to find the right one. Pair it with a belt and matching pointed heels, put on some red lipstick and minimal accessories, and look stunning.

Our Pick - Front Tie-Detail Floral Bouquet Shirt Dress (Xoxo Cherry)

Maxi Dress

The ankle-grazing silhouette of a maxi dress lengthens the body and flatters all body types, particularly curvy plus-size women. Try it with a comfy wedge or block heels for a lift and to balance the proportions if the maxi is on the longer side. White sneakers or flat sandals also go well with the look and add a carefree vibe.

Our Pick - Green and Blue Cotton Printed Dress (Xoxo Cherry)

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